Zahedi variety is like dry variety of dry cultivars. In some areas, it is a semi-dry variety. It has been named as a slaughterhouse in some parts of the country.

In many parts of the country, especially in Khuzestan, Fars, Bushehr and Kermanshah province, it is also cultivated on a high level. The most important expansion area in Bushehr is Poshtkou.

The fruit is yellow in color, in the brownish brown stage, and in the stage of growing (dates) (red to yellowish browns). Zahedi Yashedi means abundant and cheap in Arabic. Is an export.

The shape of the fruit is oval and the end is quite thin and sharp. It is a very good cultivator and has good storage facilities and is very easy to transport and has export figures. Due to the high sugar content of industrial cultivars, it is used to produce alcohol, vinegar.

The ratio of the Fahrenheit fruit to the core is 6.35. Zahedi core, oval, brownish color, core adhesion to medium fruit and Kharg reaches early September, but full harvest is taking place in late September.

The adhesion of the warhead to the fruit is moderate. This date variety is planted in almost all of the provincial provinces.

Zahedi dates are classified as dry dates, and the digits are late and the amount of it is high. This date variety is planted in Braz Jan, Kazeroon, Firoozabat, Bushehr, Jahrom, Lar, Ahwaz, Khorramshahr, and also in Iraq and the United States.