AKSAD GROUP is a conglomerate company headquartered in Russia with branch offices abroad. The principal divisions of the company are Petrochemical, Plastic Products, Building Material and dried fruits which encompass the principal activities of the company.
As a holding company who is alive, operating and effective, we have made superior quality and long-term sustainability the benchmarks of our work. These high values not only apply to the production and delivery of our products and services, they are also reflected in our human resource management.

To further improve competitiveness, we leverage our strengths as a vertically integrated consumer-goods manufacturer and service provider to ensure the easy availability and superior quality of materials served to our customers. In order to attain these goals, we have adopted a vertical growth strategy based on risk assessment to be capable of coordinating different stages of supply chain for our brands. We aspire to be globally balanced while remaining locally anchored, establishing close networks with our supply chain through a cross-functional approach for optimal use of suppliers’ potentials.