This variety is also called sugar beet and sugar candy in different regions. One of the most trusted export stamps of Khuzestan.

The ability to keep this figure is high. This date variety is taken on a tree several times. In Iran there is no domestic use.

In addition to Khuzestan (Shadegan, Khoramshahr, Abadan, Ahvaz, Behbahan), its cultivation zones are also located in Baraz Jan, Kazeroon's Lever, Darab.

In terms of the importance of grade four, and in terms of the importance of fruit in the Khuzestan area and the first class and in other places of the second grade is considered. Most used in roast and dates.

Oval fruit to an average weight of 9.27 g with soft texture, yellow, average shell thickness, fruit / seed ratio of 7.93.

The core is oval in bright brown color, the degree of adhesion of the core to the fruit is low. The Kharg arrives in August, but harvesting fruit is fully arriving in late September. The attachment rate of the warhead to the fruit is low.