This figure is planted in Khuzestan province (Abadan, Khorramshahr, Ahvaz, Shadegan). It is one of the most important export figures of Iraq and is sold in the United States under the name of "Inter-Dari".

Of soft dates. Hallaawi dates late in getting wrinkles, but it is small and one of the earliest date varieties. The shape of the fruit is ductile and rounded.

Fibrous or non-fibrous tissue is thin and fragile and firmly attached to the fruit tissue. Oval core, gray white tip including large cores.

The degree of adhesion of the core to the medium is average. The attachment rate of the warhead to the fruit is low.

It has a high storage capacity and is relatively resistant to rain and moisture at the time of its arrival and harvest, and is less damaged. The sweetest is Shadegan. It is moderate in importance.