Iraq is considered the main homeland of Khezrawi and is the second highest number in the province after the heyday. The cultivars are semi-arid, and in terms of exports, the second rank is important after the Sa'mran.

In other areas, dates like Jahrom, Kazeroon, Deshestan, Fasa, Qasr Shirin and Ramhormoz also are planted. It is also commonly used in Khark and Rutab. It is mostly consumed in roast and dates. This variety in Khuzestan is of first grade cultivars, and in Kazeroon and Borazjan, sweet and savory are of grade 2 and 3 counts.

Khezrawi is considered as early and soft dates. Egg-shaped fruit weighing 7.94 grams with soft texture and bright brown color, the thickness of the skin is thick. The proportion of meat to the kernel is 12.1.

The oval nucleus has a pale brown color, the core adhesion to the average fruit. The Khar arrives in the middle of August, but the harvest is full of its fruits in mid-September. The adhesion of the warhead to the fruit is moderate.