Diri variety is planted in Khuzestan province (Ahvaz, Khorramshahr, Abadan, Shooshtar, Shadegan) and Bushehr, Kazeroon, Borazjan and Behbahan.

The fruit is relatively dry and fairly long. In Ahvaz as a first class, in Khoramshahr, Bushhir and Behbahan, Grade 2, and in Karzoun as grade 3.

This figure is relatively resistant to moisture. It is a proprietary feature of this long standing. It's red and red. It is considered as the country's export figure.

The dates of this cultivar are dried fruits and are completely dry on the palm and are very resistant to moisture. Egg-shaped fruit with a rigid brown (dry) texture, with average skin thickness.

The elliptical core is worn, the degree of adhesion of the nucleus to the low fruit and the latent taste of the gash, and is usually harvested at full reach in November and December. The adhesion of the warhead to the fruit is moderate.