This figure is called different names in different regions. In Minab Shawni, in Firooz Abad Shonai and in Haji Abad Bandar Abbas called Khorn Shanyi.

Shahani dates are one of the most important and most abundant cultivars in Fars province. About 95% of the palm trees are Jahrom (one of the most important cities of Persian dates).

They are soft dates, but in some places they are used as dry dates. The number is clay and late and very desirable. This cultivar, the second Iranian cultivar, is distributed in different parts of the country, including in different cities of Fars province (especially Jahrom), also cultivated in Jiroft, Kahnuj, Hajiabad, Saravan and Tabas.

Due to its sweets, it has a lot of internal consumption. The fruit of the Shahani is narrow and has a narrow tip. The color of the root is brownish. It is also sweet, and some of the khans' products are consumed as Khar. The best kind of non-planted shrines are produced in Jahrom, and in this area are considered "more" cultivars.