In the south of Iran and the northernmost point of Hormozgan province, right at the end of the Zagros Dagestra is a mountainous region that one can say that one of the most delicious semi-arid dates of the world grows in its midst.

These dates are called in the local dialect. The palm palm is mainly planted on the slopes of the mountains and is irrigated by waterways designed at various levels by water in the rivers of the region. The cultivation of these palms is mainly "organic" and no chemicals are used at the stage.

The thin skin of these dates is dark brown and, given that the meat and skin are completely "sticking together", it looks beautiful and desirable, and the washing process is done completely and given that the major part of the sugar found in It is a type of fructose. It is easy to use and fast in the metabolism of the body. It is very suitable for use by people with diabetes, and those who once ate these dates due to their very good taste and favorable appearance. The other one is one of the most important cultivars of the northern province of Hormozgan,

This figure is planted in Hassan Abad, Kazeroun, around Darab, Haji Abad, Kerman, and Bandar Abbas. The percentage of its moisture content is low in semi-dry varieties. Late fruits, the quality of its fruit is favorable, and is very market-friendly in terms of exports.